Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Keep the Sediment Out!

Does this look concerning to you? It does to us. The picture was taken on August 13th, 2012 at the corner of Kentley and Nugent, the current worksite of FER-PAL, a construction company specializing in water main restoration. 

Not only was this sediment being tracked down Kently by passing cars, but it was flowing into the city's storm sewers - which bypass the waste water treatment plant and flow directly into the watershed. 

Remembering the effort the city put into reducing excess sediment from flowing into the sewers during the Red Hill construction, Environment Hamilton asked Councillor Collins (in additon to sending him this picture) whether the city required contractors to take specific measures to minimalize sediment flow into the sewer system. 

Chad forwarded our concern to Public Works who confirmed that contractors "are required to have filtration cloth on all catchbasins prior to work commencing". They then made the assurance that all catch basins in the area would equipped with the filtration cloth and inspection staff will follow up with the concern. 

The result? Check out the image below. 

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